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Kvar Energy Savers Kvar Energy Savers Kvar Energy Savers Kvar Energy Savers Kvar Energy Savers Kvar Energy Savers Kvar Energy Savers Kvar Energy Savers
About Us
KVAR is one of the world’s leading power quality companies and is conducting business worldwide. Our success is driven by our distributors and their commitment to achieve true energy efficiency for their customers.
The KVAR Energy Savings Corporation (KVAR Corp.) began its manufacturing operations in 1992 in Port Orange, Florida.The KVAR Corp. perfected a patent protected Kilovolt Ampere Reactive (KVAR) sizing equipment to accurately and efficiently determine the reactive component of power in motors. In other words, the corporation had a real-time method for determining the efficiency of individual motors required to do work for utility customers in homes, businesses and industrial plants.
In doing so, the corporation further developed and validated a methodology to improve the efficiency of motors by developing products, known as KVAR Energy Controllers (KVAR ECsâ„¢) that recycle the magnetic field of the motor and thereby reduce the amount of electric energy to do the same level of work. In technical terms, this meant the implementation of a methodology that could effectively optimizes Power Factor (PF) to unity or 1.0 for motor loads.
With products that save energy for utility customers and demand for electric utilities, the stage was set for bigger and better. The business really started to flourish in 2007, when two investors and seasoned businessmen joined the corporation: Mr. Steve Fish and Mr. Earl Malisoff. As CEO, Mr. Fish set-up the business so it could thrive through a network of over 500 distributors. The corporation now owned the US patent for the apparatus and procedures that allowed the sizing of the reactive component. All KVAR ECsâ„¢ were UL and CSA listed energy controllers.
The corporation outgrew successive facilities in Port Orange and was finally re-located in 2009 to the current 20,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Daytona Beach, Florida. By then, a joint venture had been established with a UK company called Advanced Power Components (APC), manufacturing was streamlined, CE certification had been secured and KVAR Group companies were onto larger markets nationally and internationally.
Ideal Energy Concepts
Milwaukee Based Distributor-Ideal Energy Concepts
“We started with one well pump and verified its performance. We checked records of the electricity bill and the flow rates & pumpage reports of the water and it came out to be a 11.3% savings on their energy bill and they were pumping more water as well. With these results, they were excited and are planning to move forward on other well pumps and some of the office buildings.” The results of the DeForest well pump application can be reviewed here.
Savings Guaranteed   Proven Track Record   IEC Certified   Custom Solutions
We guarantee your KVAR unit to save you 6-25% with a return on your investment within 36 months or less   Since 1992, KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. has installed hundreds of thousands of KVAR Energy Savers across the world.   Demand the only UL Listed, CSA Certified, RoHS compliant Original KVAR Energy Saver   Over 93 custom KVAR solutions available for your residential, commercial, industrial KVAR project
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